Never perfectly round, always perfectly delicious

Our journey began when my hubby (Long Island born and bred) and I got tired of trying to find a decent bagel where we lived at the time in Ohio. I am a Florida girl myself, but he taught me early on what a great bagel should be - that crackly crunch on the outside and that wonderful chew on the inside... hand rolled....boiled...yummy!

Always up for an adventure, I started playing around in the kitchen until I came up with something we both loved. Then we shared it with our friends and they loved them too. Fast forward to 2020 when the world around all of us changed so drastically.  I found myself at odds with my 20 year career and just not happy. My oldest son looked at me and said "Mama, it's time to make the bagel biz REAL." And so I did.

Weirddoughs embodies my own personal spirit!

Weirddoughs is about the perfectly imperfect.  We do not make "authentic" NY bagels.  We make NY INSPIRED bagels. 

Dough is a living thing and like people, our bagels have a unique personality all their own.  Some are darker, some are lighter, some are sweet, some are salty, some are a little chubbier than others.... No two Weirddoughs are ever exactly alike and that is how we love it!! In the beginning we tried to make sure there was no scoring, or lines or tears, on the crust. If you've ever looked at artisan bread, you will see beautiful scoring - it is an art form in itself.  Some will argue that a perfect bagel never has scoring and it never has a top or a bottom.  But when I saw how cool some of the scoring looked on our bagels, I realized that it reminded me of scars or tattoos and that made them unique just like people too. So our goal is never to make them perfectly round or symmetrical or unscarred- only to make them DELICIOUS!

All of the herbs we use are homegrown. We use no preservatives. Every bagel is hand crafted. We play music while we bake (and often sing along) so the dough is basically infused with its own little musical soundtrack.  Be sure to check out our "today's tunes" to see what was on rotation the day your bagels are ordered!!

We believe everyone has a little bit of a "weirdo" inside. Are you a WeirdDough? I'm a Jeep driving, flip flop wearing, outdoorsy, goofy, Marvel loving, singing, tomboy, boy mom kind of Weirddough. 

WE ARE Weirddoughs and we cannot wait to get to know you.